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Community Technology—Overview
Managing the Advancement of Community Technology


Community Fiber Network ChartDemand for the "Triple-Play" of voice, data, and video broadband services is ever increasing.  And, the average home and small business owners are spending more money each month on high bandwidth services.

The time is right for Real Estate Developers to capitalize on broadband services destined for the communities that are built.  Maximize land ROI by controlling the communication infrastructure throughout the community.  Continue to own the land right of way rather than leaving money on the table allowing the phone and cable companies community access for a quick cash settlement.

There is a better way.  We can develop long-term revenue lasting 20 years or more by negotiating service agreements with phone, satellite, and/or cable providers to use the community network.  Revenues would come from present and future services like: phone, internet, satellite/cable, movies-on-demand, HDTV, distance learning, full-motion videoconferencing, community applications, business/commercial applications, and more.

A turnkey solution for your needs.  TelSystems produces your development's strategy, financial model, community network architecture, fulfills the physical development, procures the service providers, negotiates the agreements, and manages the entire implementation.  The new home owner simply calls the service provider to order services. And, the service provider handles billing and customer service as well.



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