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Service Overview  


  • Research and reviews of all technology solutions
  • Design, service and equipment recommendations,
  • Up-to-date knowledge of state of the art technology, equipment and/or systems
  • Conduct Site surveys on topology, business requirements, technology options, Integration/Bundling options and statistical analysis,
  • Participates in the creation, review and updates of Standard Technical Specifications


  • Create and submit Community Profile, Technology Master Plans, Project Scope, RFX’s etc as needed,
  • Manages Project planning, tracking installation efforts, time lines, on-site coordination efforts, progress & quality,
  • Attends all project meetings: construction, MOP, design reviews, project status, client support, training, etc,
  • Coordinate communications and project efforts between contractors and multiple entities throughout the installation process,
  • Prepares scheduled and special request reports: weekly project reports, usage reports, performance reports, etc.


  • Facilitates negotiations of terms and conditions and scope of technology contract.
  • Manages all versioning, routing and tracking of the contract/agreement process and requirements per agreement.
  • Provides evaluations of contractor compliance to terms & conditions, expense, performance and delivery.
  • Create SOW (statement of work), addendums and related documents.
  • Interfaces with legal representatives to ensure proper legal evaluation takes place when required.


  • Provide due diligence to acquire the best agreements and pricing available.
  • Provide budget requirements per design as needed in both individual and template format.
  • Collect, evaluate and provide recommendations for accounting approval of bids.
  • Reviews and recommends payment or non-payment of invoices related to our projects.
  • Provides project and cost justification documentation when requested.


  • Coordination of business requirements for the provision of triple- or quad - play services to each property; voice, video, data & security.
  • Evaluation of service providers in regards to performance, quality of service, value of service, customer satisfaction and infrastructure capacity requirements.
  • Manage Service Supplier personnel day to day on-site activities.
  • Provide performance matrices and evaluations for all service providers on a regular basis.


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